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    The PIT SHARK is a heavy-duty piece of equipment used for both Upper Body and Lower Body Strength Training. The Patented design of the PIT SHARK promotes full Range of Motion and freedom of movement, while removing the risk of spinal compression. The aggressive training possible with every strength movement done on the PIT SHARK can increases Strength, Power, and add tremendous Flexibility to your weight training program.
  • Weight Room Advantage

    Proven results with real SQUAT Movements. DE-LOADS THE SPINE~MAXIMIZES FULL RANGE OF MOTION~NO RESTRICTION OF MOVEMENT Promotes Squat depth and builds flexibility required in an Athlete. A valuable tool for training healthy or injured Athletes when removing spinal compression is vital. Squats are just one of the many dynamic strength movements trained on the PIT SHARK.
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    DEADZONE RAMPS, the fastest easiest safest way to load and unload weight plates on a barbell when it's on the floor. Ideal for Deadlifts, Olympic Lifts, and other pulling movements that involve pulling a barbell from the floor. DEADZONE RAMPS make it so simple to load the bar easier. Only the innermost weight plate touches. It's simple and it's always ready for use. This can save you valuable time and energy, and it could be a valuable tool for your deadlifting experience.
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Upper Body

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  • The PITSHARK® T-shirt
  • The PITSHARK® T-shirt
  • The PITSHARK® T-shirt
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SQUATS with the risk of spinal compression removed is the foundation movement done on the PIT SHARK,  but the possibilities are endless. It's easy hook-up with the hip belt to the PIT SHARK and you instantly realize the freedom of movement possible.

Squat deep, add weight and maybe incorporate some heavy band resistance. All types of Squats are performed on the PIT Shark, including; BELT SQUATS,Explosive JUMP SQUATS,ONE-LEGGED SQUAT,HARNESS SQUATS,SUSPENDED FRONT SQUAT,GOOD MORNINGS,REVERSE LUNGES.

You isolate the lower body so effectively when not distracted by a bar on your back, the safety is built in.

Confidence comes from the risk of spinal compression being removed, which translates into far better technique.
The PIT SHARK is an ideal "Squat Teacher".

With the hip belt on, many different combinations of strength movements can be done.

Lunges are easily performed by stepping backward off the platform.

Calf Raises, Weighted Dips, and Chins (on the tall model) are all executed without ever removing the belt.

Putting on the Push-Up/Squat Harness opens up a whole new dimension of Harness Squats, that are more rugged done this way.

Without ever detaching, move into Weighted Push-Ups with the weight under your body. Now that's amazing and safe!

Combo up by standing with the Push-Up/Squat Harness still on and executing some heavy Good Mornings.

Hook up to the farthest hole out, and instead of adding weight this time with each set, move the hook inward one hole.

Moving inward a hole increases considerably the working weight load. It's not necessary to always add weight to increase the working load on the PIT SHARK.

Keep in mind that any of these movements can be done with either weight added, band resistance (12 inch bands are ideal) or a combination of both.

Lightened method is even possible, as well as bodyweight. Training spans the whole spectrum of possibilities to fit the needs of each individual.

The Front Squat Strap takes Squats to a whole different level. These are ruggedly effective, similar to a Zercher Squat.  

The dynamics involved in using the Front Squat Strap involves weight pulling you forward and down, your entire core and back activate to keep your form in this Squat movement.

Adding a Pit Shark Deadlift Bar to the mix and you'll be doing RDL's, DeadLifts, and Shrugs off the power deck.  

Adjusting the chain gives the Deadlift move a starting range from powerdeck to mid-shin, to above knee.

Another optional item that can be added, is the Row Platform.  It's adjustable and fits on the front rails.

Hook up the Deadlift bar, lean on the flat row platform and pull some heavy, heavy rows.

Use the flat platform with a neck harness for a great neck work-out.

One of the greatest weight room advantages of training on a PIT SHARK is the Combo's possible without ever un-hooking.

Moving quickly from one strength movement to the next builds some serious conditioning aspects to your training. Triple Combo's are a great advantage!