About Us

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Beachside Fitness Equipment, located in New Smyrna Beach Florida, is owned and operated by Rick and Janie Hoole.

History & Background

Rick has been a Weightlifter for over 35 years and his products are his own design and reflect Rick's years of experience and expertise in Weight Training.

Beachside Fitness Equipment was started in early 2007 after Rick designed 2 unique Patent-Pending Products used in Weight Training.

Rick and Janie oversee the design, manufacturing and day to day challenges of their company.

Our Customers include Professional and Collegiate Strength Coachs, Law Enforcement Training Facilities, Rehabilitation Facilities, High Schools, Commercial and Private Gyms, and Performance Fitness Centers, as well as, many Home Gyms.

When Rick's not training in his own gym, he's on-the-road doing Pit Shark Demos and talking with Coachs and those who also share a love for weight training. Whether it’s working with a group of Athletes in a training center or those hard core guys training in their garages, it's great to hear how the equipment has added such variety to their training.

Rick and Janie always look forward to talking with customers and potential customers to provide any information needed or answer any questions they may have.